The Big Hoot - Swirly Whirly Birmingham Land

Big Hoot Owls (Click here to see The Big Hoots Website)

I am delighted to announce I have been commissioned to paint one of The Big Hoot's owl sculptures. The Big hoot in collaboration with Wild in Art and Birmingham Childrens's hospital have organised the largest public art event in Birmingham so far. The city will be filled with more than 100 individually designed 165cm/5'5" Owl Sculptures.

Here is my initial design for my Big Hoot Owl

My design will be painted with a colourful and whimsical design in acrylics. Inspired by the landscape of Birmingham, the architecture, parks and people, and will include buildings such as the new library, Selfridges, St Martins Church, the BT tower as well as elements of the landscape within and surrounding Birmingham including sculptures, canals, squares and parks. The Bullring Bull will feature as well as a myriad of people representative of the cities diverse population .

I was born in Birmingham in 1984 and have regularly visited the city throughout my life, the painting I imagine for the Owl will draw upon my visual and cultural experiences of visiting Birmingham as a child and the changes I have seen in the landscape of Birmingham as an adult through a cheerful and whimsical lens. The painted sculpture will reflect how much of an interesting and colourful city that Birmingham is.


My owl design will be altered slightly to add another iconic Birmingham building, I will upload images of my revised design soon. 



2014 Advent Calendar - Day 24 - Christmas Home!

Its Christmas Eve! Have a very merry Christmas everyone! Here's a very christmassy home with a santas hat on xXx

Christmas Home

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